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Tank Relocation

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Relocating an aquarium can be an extremely stressful and time consuming project for anyone. As you may have experienced, even professional moving companies do not off aquarium relocation service . Nearly every component of an aquatic system is delicate with livestock at the top of the list. Elos Aquastudios can relocate or transport nearly any size system within the DFW Metroplex service area. Our goals are safety and efficiency. Maintaining stability and water quality in transit ensures minimal stress on livestock and rapid system recovery.


Let us handle the Stress for you! 


What you can expect from Elos Aquastudios during your delicate tank move: 


- Scheduling, We understand your time is very valuable so we carefully plan to accomadate your schedule. 

- Competitive Pricing 

- Prompt moving

- Proper Equipment such as: Heavy Duty Suction cups, Heaters, Transporting containers for your delicate animals, etc 

- Professional at plumbing

- Complete water testing

- Complete inspection of the livestock and filtration

- A 25%-70% water change 

- A cleaner aquarium than before it was moved

- Mininal lost of livestock ** Although we do not guarantee no animals will be lost during the move. We will do out very best to Help prevent any casualties. 


​Request your free aquarium re-location quote today! 

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