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Why Elos Maintenance?

5 Star Maintenance Services

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What good is doing a water change if you're not putting clean water back in?

Elos Aquastudios Only uses the best water! We use state of the art RODI units with high tech TDS meters. 

"The Best Aquariums Use the Cleanest Water" 




The salt you use determines your Aquarium's success

At Elos Aquastudios, We only use the Highest quality salts, With red sea pro you will get a natural salt with perfect levels of calcium, alkalinity, magnesium and trace elements. We only use the best products at Elos. 




Doing Water Changes is a very important part of maintaining your aquariums health

 We perform us 10-20 Percent water changes on our maintenance accounts. Sign up for weekly, bi monhtly and monthly services! 




Are all glass cleaning equal?

No! At Elos Aquastudios, We know how important it is to clean your glass clean without damaging your seals or scratching your aquarium. We do complete glass cleaning and algae scrubbing





 What are your parameters?

Water quality is very important to us, Knowing where your parameters are is the key to making the correct adjustments. We offer Water testing with the the best Test kits on the market! We use Elos, Hanna Checkers, Salifert, Nyos and also coming soon Triton Testing.