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Elos Aquastdios has been servicing Freshwater, Marine, and Reef aquariums in homes and offices throughout DFW Metroplex since 2015. We are fully insured and available to install all standard aquariums as well as design and install custom aquariums to suit any need or setting. Installation of equipment is done professionally, and is personally tailored for each application.

Aquarium Maintenance and Aquarium Cleaning



Proper aquarium maintenance, whether freshwater or saltwater, reef-based or natural, requires attention to detail and active participation by the hobbyist. No tank is self-maintaining, and all require supplies, services, and care to promote a healthy environment and the well-being of the ecosystem. This may seem like a hassle, but in fact can be one of the greatest joys of being an aquarium owner, being largely in control of the health and growth of their tank.





Larger aquariums are better able to handle systemic shocks, and for that reason are generally easier to maintain than smaller fish tanks. Maintaining the nutrient level of the water is of paramount concern for any aquarium owner, and this is much easier in a larger fish tank, where any waste or other contaminant are diluted within the larger volume of water. Smaller fish tanks, therefore, require greater attention, but for that reason can be all the more satisfying when maintained successfully.

Proper nitrogen cycling ensures that the inorganic-nutrients and other important minerals are kept within proper balance, and, therefore, is considered of high importance. This is one of the most basic concerns in establishing a well-functioning aquarium — striking a balance between the nitrogen-producers (fish) and nitrogen-consumers (plants) so that the cycle is as largely self-contained. as possible is the end goal. Nonetheless, proper maintenance will involve testing nitrogen levels and changing water when levels become too high.


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Other concerns for aquarium maintenance include water salinity, pH, hardness, temperature, and movement.  All vary based on the specifics and  type of environment being maintained within each individual ecosystem. In addition, proper filtration is considered vital to the efficient operation of most aquariums, and so the employment use of a proper filter is vital to the health of your aquarium.

Aquarium maintenance companies offer services to help the enthusiast keep a clean and well-regulated environment. Most importantly, to foster good health and wellness for the inhabitants of any fish tank. Following proper procedures for testing and maintenance helps to ensure the overall success and sustained longevity of your aquarium. Our services ensure customer satisfaction 100% guaranteed. We maintain and service clients in Southlake, Westlake, Colleyville, Dallas, keller, Fortworth, Plano, Frisco