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What to expect from our professional Aquarium Plumbing Team

-We will Help you choose The right Materials

Piping Material:

1. The most common choice for Hard plumbing is PVC – a time tested material that is both cheap and easy to find at hardware stores in various sizes. This guide is based mostly around the use of PVC.

2. Colored PVC is the trendy way to hard plumb these days

*The most cost efficient way to plumb is to use Soft flex hoses. This is the most commonly used method. 


plumbing drawing  


Safety is always Priority! We will Plumb to avoid excess Back Siphoning

- Check Valves

- Drill a hole in your return plumbing

- Adjust your return nozzle to get minimal back siphon 


How we prevent Leaks and ensure proper installation

- Use the proper glue for the proper application 

- Proper twist and turn to ensure the PVC pipes make full contact

- We will allow the Pvc glue to heal before running your system


pvc glue


We measure twice and cut once! 

- We mark every PVC pipe for proper fitment 

- We dry Fit every pipe before cutting and gluing


Pvc cutter


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